Having your car broken into is expensive, frustrating and can feel violating. With an increasing number of car thefts occurring, it’s best to be prepared. We’ve put together a few tips on how to best prevent vehicle break-ins.

Prevention Tips
• Double check that your doors are locked and your windows rolled up every time you leave your car.
• Make sure any valuables are tucked away out of sight. Avoid using the glove box as a lock box, as it’s an obvious go-to for determined thieves.
• Keep in mind that power cords, loose change or even empty shopping bags can pique the interest of a would-be thief.
• Park your car somewhere with plenty of foot traffic, and avoid poorly lit areas.
• Invest in an anti-theft device or activate it if one is already included — in many cases, you may receive a discount on your auto insurance policy for having one.
• Avoid leaving your car running or your keys in it, even if it’s “just for one minute!”
• Be aware of your surroundings — if you don’t feel safe parking in an area, park near the security cameras or try to alert someone of your suspicions (for example, the parking lot attendant).

What To Do if a Break-In Occurs
Your first priority is always your safety – if you feel unsafe, leave the area and find a safer place to call for help. Once you feel safe, here are a few steps you should take:
• Call the police and file a report.
• Document the damage and stolen items.
• Record the date, approximate time and location of the break-in.
• Contact your bank to cancel and replace any stolen credit or debit cards.
• Contact your insurance company and keep in mind that while the theft of your vehicle and any damage to it may be covered by your auto insurance policy, the theft of personal items that were in your vehicle may be covered by your renter’s or homeowner’s policy.